Casino Infernale: A Secret Histories Novel


By Simon R. Green
Roc Hardcover, $26.95, 384 pages

When supernatural forces and things that go bump in the night threaten the world, the Droods intercede, armed with otherworldly armor and tremendous influence. And when all else fails, the family turns to Eddie Drood, the family’s black sheep, who fights them as often as he saves them. The family’s latest job involves infiltrating a deadly casino that funds numerous evil criminal organizations. It’s a suicide mission at best, one that will force Eddie to face challenges even he couldn’t imagine.

Casino Infernale is the latest entry in Green’s James Bondian supernatural spy series, and it’s both the darkest and the most satisfying yet. It played nicely with my expectations, since the one big twist I expected never happened. Instead, you have an existential crisis wrapped up in engaging thriller elements.

The Secret Histories series has always been Green’s most emotionally honest, and the full weight of every betrayal, hard decision, and heartbreak are present in Molly and Eddie’s story, giving the book a wonderful two-against-the-world mentality. You may not worry for their lives, but you definitely worry for their spirits, their ability to trust, and their ability to hope for better things.

Reviewed by Glenn Dallas


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