The wonderful thing about the category of fiction is that you never know what you’ll find. In this compilation of newly released books, you’ll find stories that are dark and serious or light-hearted and whimsical. Books that will draw you into their plots and ones that you’ll decide are not quite tickling your fancy. Whatever you’re into, there’s a fictional story out there for you. So settle in with a cuppa your favorite beverage and grab one of these fantastic reads to get cozy with.

The Revisionaries
By A. R. Moxon
Melville House, $29.99, 608 pages

Father Julius, a street preacher, takes the reins in this bold, dystopian story. With mental patients on the loose, religious cults, and the feeling of danger lurking around every corner, Father Julius learns to use what skills he has to figure out what is going on and how to stop the forces of evil. Creative, creepy, and thrilling, Author A.R. Moxon takes the reader on a wild ride through a world that is quite simple falling apart at the seams. Hold onto your seats kids! 

The Girl Who Reads on the Metro: A Novel
By Christine Feret-Fleury
Flatiron Books, $22.99, 192 pages

A fun, whimsical book about a girl named Juliette who loves to read. So much, that when she stumbles upon a book holding a gate open she meets a man named Soliman and agrees to become a passeur, someone who delivers used books to people she matches them up with. Now, Juliette is a girl full of imagination and so thus this is the perfect job for her. In this funny and zany book about a girl who must make a decision to stay at her boring office job or go all in and do something she really loves in the name of books.

The House of Brides: A Novel
By Jane Cockram
Harper, $27.99, 384 pages

Modern girl Miranda’s life is slowly falling apart. A family heirloom is the only thing that Miranda has to fall back on since her mother died and that heirloom is a book called The House of Brides. It is a chronicle of all of the women who married into the family and lived at the family estate named Barnsley House. When Miranda arrives, she is deeply disturbed as the current bride is nowhere to be found and there is a child in a wheelchair. Miranda’s life is going to get a lot more interesting with chilling discoveries around each corner. Psychological suspense at it’s best.

The Wicked Redhead: A Wicked City Novel
By Beatriz Williams
William Morrow Paperbacks, $16.99, 432 pages

Part of the Wicked City series, The Wicked Redhead spans decades as two women work to solve a mystery. It’s 1924 and Ginger Kelly is in Cocoa Beach, Florida where her companion Oliver, a disgraced Prohibition agent, disappears. In 1998, Ella Dommerich is living in the same apartment Ginger did. She’s making some life changes and one of those is to solve the mystery of the famous Ginger Kelly. Both women are in search of something that someone may not want to be uncovered. The Wicked Redhead is a feelgood book with two powerful women at the helms.

Right after the Weather
By Carol Anshaw
Atria Books, $27.00, 288 pages

Two worlds intersect as Cate walks into her best friend, Neale’s, kitchen only to find her friend being assaulted by Nathan and Irene. Nathan and Irene are sociopaths, drug addicts, and small-time criminals and Cate decides she’s not going to let these two get away with it. With an unbridled surge of violence, Cate’s life changes overnight. This book takes a look at the world through different perspectives. The reader will want to analyze each character and understand what fate has brought to each one. Compassion, friendship, and vulnerability rub the pages of this immersive novel.