A Mammal is an Animal

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Once toddlers learn to talk, they start getting interested in animals. This is a fact. If you have pets, take your kids to zoos, or if they see animals around and about or on TV, they’re bound to fall in love. It can be overwhelming wanting to show them the entire animal kingdom, and mammals are obviously very important. Toddlers are also little scientists, wanting to hypothesize and know what rules they’re working with. A Mammal is an Animal is the perfect book for them.

There are a lot of mammals in this world, and there are also a lot of animals that are certainly no mammals. Told through the eyes of an Asian family, each mammal is depicted in clear detail with balanced colosr that do a fantastic job of making it clear what the animal is and what it looks like. It’s a great book because so many animals are shown, including many that are mammals but also many that aren’t, and the characters explain clearly which is which and why they are or aren’t mammals. A bunch of the most unusual mammals get plenty of coverage as well, which will easily satisfy a toddler’s curiosity.

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Author Lizzy Rockwell
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Holiday House
Publish Date 2018-Feb-13
ISBN 9780823436705
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Issue September 2018
Category Children's


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