A Night Without Stars: A Novel of the Commonwealth

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Peter F. Hamilton’s A Night Without Stars is the final book in the author’s Chronicle of the Fallers duology set in the Commonwealth universe. The events of the second book take place right after Abyss Beyond Dreams. In his second novel, the author continues his saga. There is an area of space at the end of the Milky Way galaxy called The Void, and inside the Void are many different planets with different forms of alien life inhabiting them. One such planet is called Bienvenido, which has been catapulted out of the Void and into normal space. Bienvenido is home to two races, the human race as well as the alien race called The Fallers. The Fallers can take human form and can infiltrate virtually every layer of society, which would ultimately lead to the destruction of the human race. As a result, the humans must constantly fight for their survival and ensure that they are not wiped out.

As is the case with Hamilton’s novels, A Night Without Stars is chock full of suspense and intrigue. There is lots and lots of action that leaves you breathless. Likewise, there are many wonderful characters who are extremely well-developed and nuanced, and it’s very easy to both empathize with as well as loathe them. Peter Hamilton’s language is superb, and his words flow nicely throughout the book. In addition to science fiction, there are also elements of espionage, and the plot line is highly reminiscent of the Cold War era.

I found A Night Without Stars to be quite enjoyable. Because it is a direct sequel to Abyss Without Dreams, you must read the first book and are encouraged to read the previous books in the Commonwealth Universe in order to understand what goes on in A Night Without Stars.

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Author Peter F. Hamilton
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 720 pages
Publisher Del Rey
Publish Date 2016-Sep-27
ISBN 9780345547224
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Issue March 2017
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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