A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas

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If having a protagonist named Grant Dodge doesn’t unsettle you, feel free to read on. A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas, despite the title, is surprisingly successful as a sexual-fantasy story. There’s nothing particularly original (or plausible) in the story of a beautiful, lost woman squatting in an empty building on a ranch run by a handsome, emotionally wounded cowboy or of their immediate sexual attraction, but the elaborate push and pull between them, punctuated by decently written sex scenes, works better than one would expect. Perhaps because the book focuses more on the inner lives of the two love interests than on extraneous plot devices, the story feels slightly more convincing (in its way) and compelling than similar romance novels. So, while I wouldn’t go so far as to say the story is particularly sophisticated or interesting, it’s more effective and readable than average, and the effectiveness of the story does inject a bit more eroticism into the sex scenes. So as romance novels go, this one’s above average.

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Author Maisey Yates
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Mass
Page Count 496 pages
Publisher HQN
Publish Date 2018-09-25
ISBN 9781335474629
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Issue April 2019
Category Romance


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