Age of Swords: Book Two of The Legends of the First Empire

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Age of Swords is second in Michael J. Sullivan’s Legends of the First Empire series. War continues to loom between Fhrey and Rhune. A vicious attack leaves those of Dahl Rhen without a home and more determined than ever to shake free of the yoke of Fhrey oppression. Persephone, now chieftain of Dahl Rhen, issues invitations to all the Rhune clans, even the feared and fearsome Gula, to a summit to appoint a keenig who will lead the united clans against the Fhrey.

Trouble plagues the effort from the beginning. No clan wants another’s chieftain to be keenig. While the council continues to argue it out, Persephone and a band of intrepid females set out to the Dherg nation to barter for weapons of quality. What they are required to pay, and what they find, is far beyond their imagination. Question is–will it be enough?

I love Sullivan’s writing! He has dynamic characters and engaging, immersive stories. Swords is no exception. Each character continues to grow, even as they struggle with inner and outer demons. For the women, Neith becomes their crucible, forging alchemic change. This is especially true of Suri, who pays the highest price of all for their cause.

This book is all about alchemic change. It isn’t just the individuals but entire cultures. Sullivan does a masterful job showing cultural diffusion, as Rhune, Dherg, and Fhrey cultures begin to bleed into one another, sharing technology and information, however reluctantly. It’s a great message, too, that the majority of change is instigated by women, often despite the men’s behavior and beliefs.

I’ll admit. It is a rare book that can make me actually cry. Not just tear up, but sit bawling, hugging my very confused, and increasingly irritated kitty cat. In the depths of Neith, I truly shared Suri’s sorrow. Sullivan plays the heartstrings of imagination as Suri plucks the strings of creation. Powerful magic indeed.

Author Michael J. Sullivan
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 496 pages
Publisher Del Rey
Publish Date 2017-07-25
ISBN 9781101965368 Buy this Book
Issue January 2020
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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