All The Big Ones Are Dead

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If you are looking for an intriguing action-filled book with many moving parts, then this is the book you are looking for. Interpol Superintendent Richard DeCourcey teams up with Inspector Diane Linders and borrowed CIA agents, Michael Bishop and Alexei Rector, to find a group of illegal elephant and rhinoceros poachers. The team will do whatever it takes to find and apprehend these men, which is shown in the first chapters when Bishop takes out a whole group of them as they are about to kill some elephants. Bishop is bold and will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission, even going on a killing spree in order to find out the information he needs. Rector, however, is more behind-the-scenes, leading the team and connecting all of its members so they are on the same page.

What I found to be challenging while reading this book is keeping track of all of the characters other than the “good guy” team. There are so many moving parts involved in the coordination of killing of these animals, as well as creating a communication veil to hide what the poachers are doing, who is involved, and the transportation of the goods.

The team decides to follow a supply to where they are being delivered in hopes of finding out where they came from. The team also realizes that the reason their job is so difficult is that they cannot decipher the communication techniques that are being used. This is where the characters James Logan and Julius Coppola come in. Logan is a college professor whom any normal person would call a nerd. His friend, Coppola, is deep in debt and is approached by Marc Dominican, an acquaintance promising to rid him of his debt if he can obtain a set of algorithms that Logan has created for encryption and decryption. The plot thickens because the team must split up to protect Logan and Coppola as well as follow the goods to where they are being transported.

This book is perfect for fans of international mystery and suspense. With bad guys around every corner, Bishop clears the playing field without thinking twice. The main characters are well-developed, and I found myself cheering them on. There are no real twists in this book, but the action kept me reading and the change of scenery from Bishop’s story to Logan’s story kept the flow throughout the book.

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Author Christopher A. Gray, anHoward E. Carson
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 354 pages
Publisher Sunbow Press
Publish Date 21-Apr-2019
ISBN 9781926433141
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Issue July 2019
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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