All The Blood We Share

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All the Blood We Share tells the story of the family of serial killers known as the Bloody Benders. The Benders come to Kansas in 1871, where they open an inn and welcome weary travelers, especially those who travel alone. Those who stay for a meal rarely leave alive. Pa Bender is more than happy with their arrangement, always wanting one more to finance his desires. Ma Bender is ready to be done with their murderous ways. John wants nothing more than to be with his stepsister Kate and will kill anyone who looks at her too long. Kate is left to choose their marks and offer sittings as she pretends to be a medium. Eventually, the body count will become too high, and the Bloody Benders will have to move on once again.

Even in the Old West, it’s hard to imagine an entire family getting away with this much murder. I can only hope in the digital age, it would be a lot less likely. The author’s take on Kate was interesting, as she made her a sociopath who also desired a normal life. If you enjoy fictional retellings of history, this book is for you.

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Author Camilla Bruce
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Penguin Publishing Group
Publish Date 22-Nov-2022
ISBN 9780593102596 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Horror