American Cultural History: A Very Short Introduction

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The importance of understanding cultural history in America has only been part of the academy since the 1980s; before then it was largely ignored and often under-represented in the discipline. But cultural history does have a big impact on how the average American views their country and their culture. This short introduction, perfect for those people who do not have time to wade through a thick book, takes us on a journey through the history of America, but instead of focusing on the political events, it looks at the different cultural events and how they impacted America. Professor Avila does an excellent job with the limited space he has, hitting the high points of American culture and what is generally called mass culture, whether that be magazines, books, newspapers, songs, movies, television, or the internet–areas largely ignored in textbooks. With short chapters, in an overall short book, it gives the readers a chance to understand this type of history and gives them a gateway if they would like to learn more. I would say this is an excellent way for someone in high school or a young college student to get into history.

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Author Eric Avila
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 168 pages
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publish Date 2018-Aug-14
ISBN 9780190200589
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Issue January 2019
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