Ancient Egyptian Warfare: Tactics, Weaponry and Ideology of the Pharaohs (Casemate Short History)

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This tiny gem of a book is an engaging introduction into Iron Age combat, covering all manner of Egyptian warfare. For anyone interested in battle tactics, military strategy, weaponry, or even battle injuries, this is your book.

With so much of ancient and medieval military history shrouded in the deep depths of time, this book seeks to pull back the veil, showcasing a wide range of concepts complemented by marvelous illustrations. The book starts off with a wonderfully detailed outline of this subject matter, and there are is a breathtaking volume of historical facts before the reader’s attention is even turned on the actual book. While not a complete study on the combat habits of ancient Egypt, the book instead presents interesting observations and associations with the reader as a jumping-off point. It’s well-researched examinations of military strategies and cultural ideologies.

We are all so used to the common associations of ancient Egypt: the pyramids, its far-reaching architectural achievements, and its flair for sundrenched pageantry. But all of these are civilian in nature. We forget that it was the sword that maintained this vast empire along the Nile. The tranquility of the Egyptian character can be a bit misleading because further investigation shows that they can more than hold their own among the most barbarous of warriors.

In order to aid in this revelation, whole campaigns and drawn-out conflicts are here condensed in easily consumable sections. Each sometimes gruesome detail can’t help but change one’s perspective about the Egyptians.

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Author Ian Shaw
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher Casemate
Publish Date 2019-11-27
ISBN 9781612007250
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Issue April 2020
Category History


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