And Again

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Hannah, Linda, David, and Connie have chosen to undergo a procedure awaiting approval from the FDA. The process allows terminal patients to leave their bodies behind and to enter a new body, a clone. Scientists remove a portion of the brain from the ill individual, implant it into the new model, and the patients have a pristine new body, complete with all their memories. All four have crossed over without medical complication, but they find it harder than expected to resume their pre-illness lives. Their bodies are brand new, even if their minds aren’t, so each sensation is fresh and overwhelming. Muscle memory proves to be a problem. And they’re reentering their lives with fresh eyes, literally and figuratively. Who will they be now that they’ve been given this second chance?

Each of the chapters is told in first person by one of the four patients. Each has a distinct voice and a distinct way of coping with the challenges of a new body in a familiar life. This narrative form allows the reader to understand—if not always sympathize—with their choices. Not unexpectedly, the protagonists grapple with a wide array of existential and practical problems, all of them fascinating. Their lives are complex, and they don’t always choose the path you’d expect. These surprising detours keep the pages turning.

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Author Jessica Chiarella
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Touchstone
Publish Date 2016-Jan-12
ISBN 9781501116100
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Issue April 2016
Category Modern Literature


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