Apocalypse Taco

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Apocalypse Taco all starts when a trusting mother sends her children on a run to get McDonalds for the crew team for a play. In an unknowingly grave error, the children neglect to get cheeseburgers and instead opt for tacos from the Bear Taco fast food joint. And from there, things start to get a little weird…

I really loved Nathan Hall’s imaginative comic. There was a very interesting juxtaposition of the tacky promotional taco ads and the apocalyptic melting of the world. I also liked Hall’s examination of the evil genius figure who lets his desire for power and greatness get the better of him. Finally, I liked the female power element of the tale; as it is the determined female roommates who ultimately rescue the world from the destructive tacos.

Despite the compelling storyline, the author often used dialogue to describe what was happening in the story. I think the text would have been more effective if the author was able to show rather than tell what was occurring in the plot.

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Author Nathan Hale
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Amulet Books
Publish Date 26-Mar-2019
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Issue September 2019
Category Sequential Art


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