Autumn in Venice: Ernest Hemingway and His Last Muse

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Autumn in Venice by Andrea di Robilant tells a fascinating true tale about Ernest Hemingway and His Last Muse. The story follows Hemingway across the globe before and after he met a young Venetian woman, Adriana, who was thirty years younger than him. They became infatuated with each other, and Adriana met with him privately and sometimes followed along in his globe-spanning entourage. He is married to his last wife, Mary Welsh, during the time and is in a low point in his career after the monumental early career successes of The Sun Also Rises (1926), A Farewell to Arms (1929), and For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940). She is known to be his inspiration for Renata in Across the River into the Trees (1950) and was still in contact with him when he reached stardom and fortune again with The Old Man and the Sea (1952).

Robilant tells a very detailed slow story of their involvement and the final chapters in Hemingway’s life and career. He had marriage problems, they were at times insufferable, but they forgave, and he found some more fun and inspiration with this young woman. He never had a daughter, and called her daughter at times, like Richard Cantwell does with Renata in Across the River and Into the Trees, but they broke off and Adriana married others and had two boys with another. Here, one finds the travelogue of their attachments and a time where a writer could be as famous as an actor. Sad endings in this tale to be expected, but a great celebration of artistic and personal and interpersonal struggles, and the exciting world of the times.

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Author Andrea Di Robilant
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Knopf
Publish Date 2018-Jun-05
ISBN 9781101946657
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Issue September 2018
Category Historical Fiction


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