Beneath the Sugar Sky

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Cora misses home more than anything, but the Wayward school has welcomed her, and she’s even made friends with Nadya. When Cora and Nadya are down at the pond, a girl named Rini falls from the sky. The first thing they notice is her dissolving dress. The second is her request for her mother, Sumi, who died long before Rini was conceived. Rini’s world of baking and sugary treats is in dire need of saving from the Queen of Cakes, who is plotting a takeover thanks to Sumi’s death and Rini’s slow disappearance from existence. Cora, Nadya, Kade, and Christopher venture into the lands of the dead on a mission to put the resurrected skeleton of Sumi back together with her soul and her nonsense so they can save an Rini’s world before she completely disappears.

The worlds are so unique and breathtaking you’ll wish they were real for your own adventures through them. From a world of death where people find peace as statues to a world made of baked goods, the possibilities are endless. The characters are diverse, with each one full of life and perfectly fitted to the world they’re attached to. Christopher is connected to a world of skeletons, while Cora and Nayda have ties to water worlds, and then Kade is content with staying at the school. Seanan McGuire addresses themes of bullying, body image, immigration, racism, gender, and self-esteem through the characters’ experiences and lives. McGuire uses a spectacular fantasy backdrop of worlds–the definition of imagination–to explore these characters who integrate subtle social commentary into their dazzling adventures. Full of heart and friendship, Beneath the Sugar Sky is a must-read fantasy adventure.

Beneath the Sugar Sky is the third book in the Wayward Children series.

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Author Seanan McGuire
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 176 pages
Publish Date 2018-Jan-09
ISBN 9780765393586
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Issue August 2018
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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