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No doubt journalist Will Schwalbe is a committed, obsessive compulsive bibliophile, the evidence is registered in this current biographical tome as well as his earlier stories of reading with his mother in The End of Your Life Book Club. From his vast array of readings, this author conjures up the life lessons suggested by the scripts and how these bits and pieces of literature have enriched his life and deepened his understanding of human existence. Always charming and with deep insight, selections from a variety of texts are detailed and related to man’s behavior and understanding. The appendix lists slightly more than 150 authors, books, plays, poems, stories, and journal articles alluded to in this narrative. From the philosopher Lin Yutang, one learns to relax; Anne Morrow Lindberg quietly exudes serenity,The Little Prince evokes thoughts of love and death. His reflections on the writings if Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Thoreau, Oscar Wilde and the many other familiar and unfamiliar titles will kindle the readers own reflections and further enrich the reading. Poignant chapters on the history of the AIDS epidemic, the problems posed for gay people, death itself and the memories of those gone that become the fabric of ourselves and remain within us are knitted into the theme. For all book lovers, this is a guaranteed source of pleasure.

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Author Will Schwalbe
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Knopf
Publish Date 2016-Dec-27
ISBN 9780385353540
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Issue March 2017
Category Books About Books


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