Charity Detox: What Charity Would Look Like If We Cared About Results

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It’s been 51 years since then President Lyndon Johnson launched the war on poverty with $20 trillion of taxpayer money. And yet the overall percentage of people in poverty in this country has declined only slightly. Today, about 50 million Americans live below the poverty line.

In Charity Detox, author Robert D. Lupton writes, “We have been led to believe that our volunteer service alleviates poverty…This is wrong. We cannot serve people out of poverty. If we truly do want to see the poor thrive, our entire way of thinking must change.”

Lupton has invested more than 40 years in work to rebuild inner-city neighborhoods in Atlanta. He is founder and president of Focused Community Strategies Urban Ministries, and has written extensively on well-meaning charitable work that doesn’t achieve results.

“The reality is,” Lupton writes, “that without for-profit, wealth-generating businesses, the poor will remain at a subsistence level, scratching out an existence, their hopes and dreams shackled to the daily pressures of survival.”

In this book, he describes programs that work, and the lessons learned by those leading such programs. He writes about the critical need to partner with businesses, the benefits of investing rather than helping, and how social entrepreneurs are driven to find sustainable solutions to social problems.

Charity Detox carries a message of great hope: Incorporating practices and goals of well-run businesses can mean a better future for all of us.

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Author Robert D. Lupton
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher HarperOne
Publish Date 2015-Jul-07
ISBN 9780062307262
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Issue November 2015
Category Business & Investing


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