CHOCOLATE: The Consuming Passion

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If you’re addicted to chocolate as most of us chocophilics are, then you will get a high from this over-researched handbook all about chocolate. Sandra Boynton not only composes songs along with her writing but also displays her cartooning skills in the whimsical illustrations that are integrated into the text. Starting with the history of the cacao tree beans from which the Aztecs made their xocoatl hot drink, the story of chocolate evolves into descriptions of our current products. Is your preference for milk or dark or white chocolate or some other variation? These are all described, as well as how this magical delight affects both the mind and body. Everything you want to know about chocolate is included here, including some tempting chocolate recipes and even a language phrasebook that allows you to find chocolate in Germany, France, England, Italy, and even China. This writer is euphoric about chocolate and the theobromine evidently has triggered her to wittily record her rapture with this delicacy. Share this book with friends while feasting on a batch of chocolate brownies and mull over the question asked here: Sex or Chocolate: Which is Better?

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Author Sandra Boynton
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 112 pages
Publish Date 2015-Oct-06
ISBN 9780761185635
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Issue February 2016
Category Humor-Nonfiction


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