Curse of the Boggin: The Library (Book 1)


If you want suspense, Curse of the Boggin, a new series from D.J. MacHale, is the tale for you. With lots of twists and turns, you learn all sorts of things, especially in the library. This intermediate read is a paranormal fantasy of friendship, intrigue and no romance whatsoever. Marcus holds the key to the library and it is not under the bed hidden with his sneakers and day-old breakfast!

Stony Brook Middle School was not what Marcus expected after the loss of his parents and his adoption. There are bullies and outrageous apparitions that roam the halls of the school. Marcus also learns about detention hall, along with a few other challenges in his new middle school life. But he finds school buddies, Lu and Theo, who share in his adventures in the quest for the mysterious library and the books that need endings to the stories. His buddies share untold stories too and search the library for answers to their questions as well. The library holds stories without endings, stories of family and friends, stories of ghostly beginnings and who done its.

Turn the pages with Marcus, Theo and Lu as they battle it out with the boggin, using their wits and their wiles. “The whole way back home, I kept looking over my shoulder in case the old lady was creeping upon me.” The boggin uses fear, fear that conjures up wild images to scare others. The library has stories that help Marcus understand some of his fears and questions about his family. The boggin wants the key to the library, but Marcus and his friends hold the paradox key to the library stacks. Track the race as you turn the pages of this puzzling book and see if Marcus and friends truly find what the library holds for them.

D.J. MacHale
Page Count:
242 pages
At A Tulsa Library:
Random House
Publish Date:

January 2017
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Page Count

242 pages

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January 2017


Random House

Book Author

D.J. MacHale

“Curse of the Boggin: The Library (Book 1)”

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