Dark and Deepest Red

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Lavinia and her family are forced to hide who they really are in order to protect themselves from prejudice, but the summer of 1518 threatens to expose all their secrets. A dancing fever sweeps through the village, which has brought women outside dancing until some fall dead. As accusations are thrown toward her family, Lavinia has a choice to make to save her family, which may cost her everything. In the present day, Rosella creates her own red shoes, but when they seal to her feet and she starts to dance uncontrollably, she has only one person that can help her. Emil works to uncover the secrets of his family history during a time that his relatives were blamed for a dancing plague.

Anna-Marie McLemore’s latest story is a must-read fairy tale that you won’t be able to put down, with endearing characters, a riveting plot, moving romance, and stunning writing. The story weaves between two time periods, with Lavinia in the past and Rosella in the present. As Rosella’s story unfolds and the curse of the shoes overtakes her, Lavinia’s own story and the events of the past slowly unfold until all the pieces are tied together. In the past, Lavinia has many secrets that, if discovered, could mean the death of her and those she loves. Lavinia’s life is constantly on the edge of being discovered and McLemore layers a presence of fear into every choice Lavinia makes. Her romance with Alifair is fraught with danger and secrets, but their connection is undeniable, passionate, and sweet. McLemore delivers a love story that instills a passion and drive that pushes Lavinia to make the choices and sacrifices that she does. In the present, Rosella is uncovering her family story, navigating the connection she has with Emil, and understanding the magic she has within herself. The two girls share a connection that goes across the centuries that bonds them through dance, magic, passion, and romance. McLemore crafts an unforgettable fairy tale that blends sacrifice, love, self-discovery, and strength in a tale that raises the bar that all fairy tale retellings should look to. Weaving between two centuries, McLemore brings to life a stunning tale in Deep and Darkest Red told through strong voices that has passionate romance, strong female characters, and dangerous and beautiful magic that transcends time.

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Author Anna-Marie McLemore
Star Count 5/5
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Publish Date 2020-01-14
ISBN 9781250162748
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Issue January 2020
Category Young Adult


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