Darkness the Color of Snow: A Novel

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In a 2004 interview, novelist Thomas Cobb said, “There is this deep human need to tell and be told stories. But the reason we write fiction is to figure stuff out. You don’t write because you know stuff; you write because you want to find something. That’s what keeps writers going, and it sort of works for readers too.”

From the opening paragraph of the tense and powerful Darkness the Color of Snow, Cobb’s most recent novel, the reader is compelled to keep going, to figure it out. The story begins on a winter night just outside of Lydell, a fictional rural town in an unnamed state, where patrolman Ronny Forbert stops a driver for speeding on a highway coated with black ice. He attempts to arrest Matt Laferiere for drunk driving, but a scuffle ensues roadside. Matt is fatally struck by a hit-and-run driver.

As Ronnie sits out a five-day suspension for failing to call for back up, tensions and anger about the death grow. Ronny’s police chief and fellow officers, as well as three witnesses, are behind him—until one of the witnesses is coerced into changing his story.

Politics, secrets, and old grievances take hold, and the town’s citizenry decide that Ronny must pay the price for Matt’s death. Darkness the Color of Snow is a beautifully written and unsettling story about greed, criminal agendas, morality and decency—and the devastation that can occur when these collide.

Cobb is also the author of Crazy Heart, which the Chicago Tribune called “a masterpiece,” and which was made into a 2009 Oscar winner starring Jeff Bridges. He’s also the author of Shavetail, which won the Western Writer Spur Award.

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Author Thomas Cobb
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Thomas Cobb
Publish Date 2015-Aug-18
ISBN 9780062391247
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Issue December 2015
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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