Dasher and The Sleigh-Train

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It’s almost Christmas and Santa is inundated with Christmas wishes from children. A little stressed, Santa wonders how he will get all the presents to fit in his sleigh. To make matters worse, Dasher falls ill and is diagnosed with Reindeer Pox. Dasher, who is the strongest reindeer, won’t be able to pull the sleigh to deliver the presents. What is Santa to do? The presents must be delivered on time to all the children.

While thinking about the problem, Santa eyes a toy train sitting on the table. With a little help from Santa’s magic dust, the tiny toy train grows in size. The toy train is now big enough to fit all the presents on top of it. Everyone is super excited to ride along in Santa’s giant-sized toy train. The elves decide to ride along in the caboose that is attached to the train. All the reindeer, except for Dasher, decide to join Santa and the elves, and they ride along in the train, too.

While Santa is out delivering the Christmas presents, Dasher is recuperating in the infirmary. Dasher is sorely missed by everyone. Santa leaves a Christmas present on Dasher’s bedside table. When all the presents have been delivered, the reindeer decide to visit Dasher. They sing Dasher a Christmas song to help him feel better, and he promises to pull the sleigh next Christmas.

Prior to reading the story, I thought it would be centered on Dasher, but it isn’t so much about Dasher really. Dasher is merely the catalyst that forces Santa out of his typical routine and into a little problem solving. I like that the reindeer receive a break this one time for Christmas. Santa doesn’t have to rely on their muscle power to pull the heavy sleigh all around the world. Even reindeer deserve a vacation. This time, the reindeer all get to relax in the train and ride along and watch the magical night sky. All except for Dasher, as there’s no relaxing for him in the infirmary unfortunately.

Dasher and the Sleigh-Train definitely has an interesting plot. Instead of Santa riding his iconic sleigh, he is whizzing around the world delivering presents to children in a locomotive. Children, especially train lovers, will delight in this story in which the train and a little magic will be the answer to Santa’s problem. The illustrations are very colorful and Christmas colors abound. I wish the illustrations of the elves had been a little bit more friendly looking. Some of them looked a little scary to me. This story would be a fun and magical addition to many families’ book collections.

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Author E. Dorinda Shelley
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 30 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
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Issue October 2020
Category Children's