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Erik Otto’s epic dystopian novel Detonation is a very timely book for today’s day and age. It explores mankind’s constant quest for rapid innovation and how it could spell disaster further down the road. Through the book’s varied characters, the reader gets a glimpse of a world not too far in the distant future where chaos rules and the machines are extremely powerful, sentient beings hell-bent on enslaving and eventually destroying the human population. The novel alternates between two timelines, Pre-Detonation and Post-Detonation, around one hundred years apart. The book is mainly set in the United States, which has been divided into two camps: the Spokes, who are comfortable with technology, and the Essentialists, who view technology as the primary cause of Detonation. Both sides use post-Detonation technology, however. If they use any electronics that were manufactured before Detonation, then bird-like monsters called Retchers will appear that will spit acid from their mouths, not unlike a dragon spitting fire, and destroy the gadgets.

The characters are very well-developed, with each of them facing daily internal struggles and hidden agendas that are in conflict with other characters’ ambitions.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Detonation. The book is very timely for today’s rapid pace of technological innovation and is very thought-provoking. If you like philosophical dilemmas and how they apply to today’s world, then you will enjoy Detonation.

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Author Erik A. Otto
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 615 pages
Publisher Sagis Press
Publish Date 2018-May-01
ISBN 9780692061190
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Issue October 2018
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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