Digging In: A Novel

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Paige Moresco is grieving the loss of her husband, Jesse, from an unexpected car crash, when her boss, Frank, dies from a heart attack. Frank’s son, Lukas, takes over the advertising firm where Paige works, and she finds that her job might be on the line. Lukas has a passion for the enigmatic organizational guru Petra Polly, and he is determined to shake things up at the firm–so much so that he doesn’t envision keeping all his employees for long.

Feeling stressed, rudderless, and alone, Paige takes to digging up her back garden. Initially, she has no plan other than letting out her frustrations. The eyesore she creates causes a stir in her gated community. Her neighbor Mr. Eckhardt is particularly unhappy. When she finally decides that she will plant a garden, she finds new friends, but some of the neighbors, especially Mr. Eckhardt and even her own son, Trey, remain unimpressed. But Paige is determined to find a new lease on life both in her career and her personal relationships.

With engaging characters, multi-layered themes of parenting, office politics, and new friendships, this is an enjoyable story about a widow determined to go on living, fighting adversity and all the while finding pleasure and comfort right in her backyard.

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Author Loretta Nyhan
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 252 pages
Publisher Lake Union Publishing
Publish Date 2018-Apr-01
ISBN 9781503951709
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Issue June 2018
Category Popular Fiction


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