DreamTrek: Journey Through the Night’s Door

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DreamTrek is the third book in the Journey series by KB Schaller. Dina’s past comes back to haunt her after a mysterious stranger tells her that her stillborn son is still alive. Determined to learn the truth, Dina goes against everyone who tells her it isn’t true and takes a chance at believing the impossible. To find answers, she has to put her life and her marriage at risk.

The story weaves through present and past, dream and reality. Through these montages of the past, background for the characters is revealed that provides insight and understanding for who they are and what their actions signify. These peeks into the past specifically help to understand Dina’s husband and helps to round him out a little better. The past plays a key role as Dina is still judged by Mama Hat and everyone else for what she did a few years ago. Even her husband, Aaron, claims to have forgiven her, but it’s obvious he hasn’t completely let the past go. She’s judged for her mistakes to the point where she can’t seem to forgive herself, and so the past keeps weighing on her. She stays constantly connected to her past, both through her mistakes and her family’s history.

Dina has a deep fear of the past and believes she’s been cursed by it. She becomes obsessed with reading Mama Hat’s journal, which details the emotional and tragic account of a girl and tells of a curse upon the family where the women are meant to lose their children. This fear dictates a lot of her choices, and her emotions, but her obsession with this journal is also a reason no one really believes her, because to them it’s part of a “world” she has created. After a point, the past seems to mirror her present. As she’s taunted with the idea of seeing her son again, she falls further into this fear, but it also gives her the strength and determination to keep fighting back against everyone.

It’s mysterious and suspenseful, with action and an emotional roller coaster that keeps you turning the page. A bigger and more sinister enemy is working and manipulating in the shadows of the story, and no one really believes Dina when she tells them what’s happening. Dina is a very strong-willed character, a determined mother willing to do whatever it takes to get her son back. Even though everyone thinks she’s being delusional and it’s just a world in her head, she doesn’t give up and doesn’t stop fighting. The plot twists and turns as Dina realistically questions everything and is full of guilt and doubt, but it makes her even stronger and more commendable.

How Dina sees religion is vastly different than Mama Hat’s old-fashioned perspective, but it’s a key component in both characters. Religion is an undercurrent throughout, playing an important part in how trust and forgiveness is viewed. Forgiveness is the message at the heart of the story, but Schaller digs into the layers of how complicated it can be to forgive and be forgiven. This is seen through Dina’s personal quest to make amends for her past but also when an old friend of Aaron’s returns, claiming to have repented and changed his ways. Trust also plays a role in both Dina’s attempt to get her son back and in her marriage. DreamTrek is both a thriller and a romance, balancing Dina’s action-filled quest to get her son back with her strained relationship with Aaron.

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Author KB Schaller
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 526 pages
Publisher Dorrance Publishing Company
Publish Date 2017-Sep-30
ISBN 9781480941052
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Issue November 2017
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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