Dying to Live Your Life

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In this wonderfully touching memoir, author Lisabeth Mackall takes us day by day and treatment by treatment through her journey. Diagnosed with breast cancer, Lisabeth thinks about everything as her life flashes before her eyes. She thinks about how it is affecting her children, how she used to be so full of energy before the cancer, and if this is, in fact, the end. Facing death, Lisabeth realizes just how thankful she is for the people in her family, her friends, and for her health that she took for granted before the cancer. She has so much, yet this diagnosis is threatening to take it all away.

This book was written as a blog so reading it read much like a diary. It was easy to follow Lisabeth through her good days and bad, and like most diaries, there were days and weeks that there were no entries written by Lisabeth. As an empathetic person, I could almost feel the pain that she was feeling through her words on the page. One of my favorite parts of the book is the last chapter, in which Lisabeth tells the reader that she realizes that she is lucky. She lists all of the reasons that she feels she is lucky. I think this is something that we all can do, especially on a bad day, to list all the good things in our life because life can be short.

There were parts in this book that were not so pretty. But they were real. And they happened. Wounds that would not close. Surgery after surgery. Infections. Illness. Muscle spasms. Weakness. The crying. The drugs. All of the emotions that were attached to the author’s life were expressed in this book. She held nothing back. I really liked how strong Lisabeth was. She faced one thing after another and never stopped pushing. I really think it was her internal strength that helped her to get through this horrible disease. I really enjoyed this book because it was a true life story that the author was brave enough to share and publish. You never know whom this book could help, perhaps someone who has just started treatment for cancer or someone who has had it for several months or years. Sometimes reading a story with a positive outcome can help lift spirits. This book is a quick read; however, it is one that can really open up your eyes. It was very therapeutic.

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Author LIsabeth Mackall
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 204 pages
Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
Publish Date 2019-01-16
ISBN 9781949981170
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Issue July 2019
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting


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