Every Body has a Story

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The lives of two couples—Lean and Zack, and Dory and Stu—are at the heart of Beverly Gologorsky’s latest novel Every Body Has a Story, which examines the housing crisis and recession in America circa 2007-2009.

Gologorsky, a renowned feminist and former political journal editor, turns her meticulous eye on the working class to reveal how real people were impacted by decisions made by big banks and big business. Her subject matter is meaningful. As a woman who spent her childhood in a working-class home, I was excited to read about people like my parents. However, Gologorsky misses the mark in that her characters seem to be more her idea of what the working class is like rather than an honest depiction of them. The speeches made by and the arguments between the characters don’t ring true, instead sounding like the impassioned, indignant speeches of the well-to-do in the mouths of those who make their living via physical labor.

One compelling scene, when Zack throws a party for the whole neighborhood to celebrate the house he is in real danger of losing, almost hits the mark. Zack’s desire to feel in control of something is palpable even as the future becomes less and less within his grasp. But, again, the speech he makes at the end of this scene just isn’t authentic.

The novel attempts many things, and it is admirable that Gologorsky chose to give voice to the little people broken by those too big to fail, it’s just too bad that those voices weren’t more realistic.

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Author Beverly Gologorsky
Star Count 2.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Haymarket Books
Publish Date 2018-Jun-19
ISBN 9781608469079
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Issue October 2018
Category Popular Fiction


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