Fables for the Clarinet

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If you are someone who enjoys stories that make you tilt your head and wonder “huh?,” then the short stories in Fables for the Clarinet by Steve Pastis is the book for you. The foreword warns the reader to limit themselves to maybe five stories a day to see how you fare. If you can handle the oddness of some, then bump it up to ten stories a day, if not, back it down to one or two. These short stories range in length from one paragraph to a page and a half, and the ones that aren’t so odd are enjoyable and show the author’s talent—he thinks of unusual scenarios for his stories.

One of the stories are about animals breaking into a family’s home to make long-distance phone calls, another story tackles the theme that there is a reason for everything, and Lance’s Toboggan of Miracles—the character grabs burgers throughout eternity. The stories that I understood were very enjoyable, and I found myself wanting to keep reading to see what the next page would bring.

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Author Steve Pastis • Phil Austin, Foreword
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 198 pages
Publisher Steve Pastis
Publish Date 2018-Aug-08
ISBN 9781718017290
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Issue January 2019
Category Humor/Fiction


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