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This is the first installment in the Factory series and establishes a dystopian sci-fi world in which races of humans, pigs, and monkeys struggle to survive in a brutal desert world and prepare for war against each other. This first issue looks primarily at the humans, who occupy the Factory, a fortress controlled by Lord Gucco that produces one of the sole sources of food in the barren wasteland. (It’s not made clear what exactly this food is, but it’s strongly suggested that there’s something sinister about it.)

The most striking feature of Factory is indisputably the disquieting art style, which depicts the creatures of this world in unsettlingly gelatinous, bubbly, gooey detail that manages to be both detailed and like a fever dream at once. It’s the graphic style that most convincingly establishes the hellish nature of the world and characters to which it introduces us. In this opening issue, there are no clear heroes, and the story seems in fact to enjoy offering the reader a potentially sympathetic character only to then show that character to be just as morally ambiguous and grotesque as the others. From this first issue, it’s difficult to judge where this series will go, except that it will be dark, dirty, and challenging. I’d happily recommend this to those who enjoy comics and stories that challenge superhero narratives, redemptive arcs, and aesthetically familiar or reassuring art styles. I’m eager to see what comes in the next installment.

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Author Yacine Elghorri
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 104 pages
Publisher Titan Comics
Publish Date 2018-08-28
ISBN 9781785865985
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Issue Mar-19
Category Sequential Art


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