Farmer’s Son, Military Career

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Farmer’s son, Military career, College & Post-College is a beautiful memoir written by Clarence E. “Kip” Vold. As the youngest son of Alfred and Cora Vold, Clarence remembers how things were growing up as a farmer’s son. He is the youngest of four children, Roy, Edna, Robert, and himself. He recalls growing up on the farm and helping to milk the cows, getting knocked in the head by their tails. And, although Clarence has always respected his father, he could see how stressful it was for his father to maintain the farm and run it as a business. Somehow, Clarence ends up enlisting in the Air Force. After finding out he is far-sighted, Clarence is not allowed to fly but asked to take on ground positions in the military. Throughout his military career, he moves from place to place, country to country, and job to job. His extensive military experience earns him high rankings and after serving thirty years active duty, he retires and has served twenty years retired service.

During Clarence’s adventures in the military, we learn about how close he is to his family. His relationships with his parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins remain an important theme all throughout Clarence’s life. He leaves wherever he is to help a family member in need. Clarence marries Mary and they start a life together. Unexpectedly, they find out having children would be a health risk to Mary, so they decide to get a dog instead. The stories about Cindy, their amazing and gorgeous German Shepherd, are one of my favorite parts of the book. Her playful personality and obvious intelligence make her come to life while reading the book. Even after Cindy passes, it is very clear that Clarence misses her every day. Placed throughout the book are some wonderful photos of Clarence, his family, and some scenic locations that he has visited during his life. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words. The pictures are a fantastic representation of the times that Clarence had with family, and it was interesting to see such things as clothing and furniture and decor because these all change throughout the decades. The pictures, along with Clarence’s narration, really help the reader to picture the stories. The intense descriptions of the military assignments Clarence went on were very well-detailed. Some stories were funny, and some were more serious with fatalities occurring. This book is an interesting and well-captured recollection of the life of Clarence Vold.

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Author Clarence Vold
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 334 pages
Publisher Page Publishing, Inc
Publish Date 2015-Mar-04
ISBN 9781634178610
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Issue February 2019
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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