From Matzah Balls to Communion Wafers: How a not so Kosher Jewish Girl Fell in Love with Jesus

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What is religion, if not a source of comfort, solace, and community? For Gail Baker, a proud Jewess raised in a predominantly Christian, and often bigoted, South Carolina, religion is complicated. As for many Jews, the theology of her Judaism is enmeshed with Jewish culture, history, commitment to social and civic participation, and in an identity that both included and transcended religious belief.

Baker’s story of growing up honors her strong Jewish roots and values, her defiance during formative Christian proselytizing and anti-Semitic experiences, and her efforts to lead an honorable adult secular Jewish life. She describes, in excruciating candor, the later torment of raising a son who suffered debilitating depression and related troubles into adulthood, and how her need for guidance and comfort eventually leads her to seek out Jesus Christ.

This relatable tale of an all-too-human woman facing unspeakable sadness and seeking solace is a gut punch for any parent. But it’s the body blow of guilt over appearing to abandon her people to collude with their persecutors that gives Baker the most concern. How she reconciles her intellectual understanding of Jewish experience with her emotional and spiritual attraction to Christianity makes for a heartfelt and often uncomfortably candid memoir.

Ultimately, though she faces her own questions and those of community members on both sides of the Bible, Baker makes her choice and her case, bringing with her the best of civic and community practice she formed as a Jew. Though she fears friends and family will judge her harshly, her ultimate choice of Christianity presents not as rejection of Judaism, nor as tacit approval of the ills done to Jews in the name of Christianity. Instead, she describes her conversion in a sympathetic and understandable light, as her embrace of the lifestyle that brought her the most joy, peace, and promise at a time in life when she needed it most.

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Author Gail Baker
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 250 pages
Publisher Worthy Publishing Company
Publish Date 2019-Mar-01
ISBN 9780305201902
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Issue March 2019
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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