Future War: Preparing for the New Global Battlefield

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Future War finds former Air Force Major General Robert H. Latiff playing the role of author, savant, and predictor. Unfortunately (sorry, general, for the deliberate pun), it’s full of generalities. Latiff offers insightful consideration of the increased thoughtfulness and foresight necessitated by increases in combat technology–and of the boondoggle expenditures on “weapons systems” that all too often are just dollar-suckers. He also decries all-too-frequent “interventions.” But too much is vague, unfocused, and speculative, such that the book at times verges on pointlessness.

Here are considerations, well founded, of the increasing separation of the American public from any comprehension of the realities of the current pressures on our combat personnel. Too, the book offers a look at the lack of any stress on the general public necessitated by frequent and widespread “interventions.” No rationing, tax increases, or…draft. Again, unfortunately, a voluntary military is intimated as a lack in this relationship. The draft as anything but a response to an existential threat to national survival has long, rightfully, been beyond consideration. Suggesting national service by mandate is just a lead-in to legal enslavement. Toward the end of this book the author suggests, strongly, that the military and civilian cultures are growing sadly apart. Excellent point, but when he says that watching FOX is insular, and that embracing the Democratic party line (equating the denial of evolution and, by implication, man-caused global warming) is not, then he loses me.

A sad excursion into focus-free writing.

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Author Robert H. Latiff
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Knopf
Publish Date 2017-Sep-26
ISBN 9781101947609
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Issue January 2018
Category Technology


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