Genghis Khan: His Conquests, His Empire, His Legacy

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Only two men have ever come close to conquering the world — Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan– yet the average American knows little more about the latter than his name. Thankfully, in this monumental masterpiece, veteran historian Frank McLynn charts Genghis Khan’s dramatic rise to the position of Great Khan and his political, tactical, and strategic genius, which allowed him to impose total hegemony over Asia.

Genghis Khan is no mere dry history book; the subject matter is so fascinating that despite few attempts to spice things up, one cannot help but be engrossed in the tale of one of history’s greatest protagonists. Despite being filled with countless explanations of various clans, people, customs, and history (all of which are absolutely necessary to the average individual’s comprehension of the text), who can help but be thrilled as the young, destitute Temujin rises from owning little more than the clothes on his back to a position of ultimate sovereignty, the Khan of Khans? McLynn’s work is flawless; even if readers are not interested in a history, it would stand on its own as a masterwork novel of intrigue and conquest.

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Author Frank McLynn
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 704 pages
Publisher Da Capo Press
Publish Date 2015-Jul-14
ISBN 9780306823954
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Issue November 2015
Category History


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