Genius!: The most astonishing inventions of all time

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Most American middle school children have a passing knowledge of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and the Wright brothers, but few have ever heard of Karl Jansky, Stephanie Kwolek, or John Logie Baird. Yet, these people came up with inventions as important, and amazing, as those more well-known.

This book has five main sections covering Pioneers, Communication, Technology, Transport, and Into Space, and discusses inventors and inventions over the last two millennia. Each inventor has four to six pages devoted to his or her work, and all have wonderful illustrations and photographs, explanations of their works, and information about how these relate to our world today. A spread in the back with extras such as inventions by teens and unusual inventions and an excellent glossary finish things off.

The writing is snappy and fun, the graphics are bright and inviting. This will be a great hit with the middle grade audience for which it is intended, and they will soak up a lot of knowledge, without even realizing it. Anyone who has a chance to read this wonderful book will enjoy every page.

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Author Deborah Kespert
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Publish Date 2015-Aug-11
ISBN 9780500650431
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Issue August 2015
Category Tweens


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