Goodnight Spaceman: The Perfect Bedtime Book!

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The idea behind Goodnight Spaceman is simple: what if Goodnight Moon was just a little more ambitious?

Goodnight Spaceman is a beautiful progression to the stars and celestial objects beyond the earth, wishing goodnight to all the wonders that await humanity in the vastness of space–if we’re brave enough to go looking. This book not only captures in gorgeous fashion optimism about exploration, space, and human potential but the inherent optimism that comes part and parcel with family.

The art is equally impressive, dominating each page and dwarfing the characters themselves, making the reader feel small as you look upon the immensity of a rocket ship, the endless night of open space, the twinkling of a billion billion stars, the wonders of a functioning space station, a future built on rockets and starlight, and more. It’s absolutely lovely.

Toss in a delightful rhyme scheme and a pair of space-obsessed tots thinking of their intrepid father out there in space, and you’ve got a goodnight book for the ages. Goodnight Spaceman is kindness and optimism made tangible.

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Author Michelle Robinson • Nick East, Illustrator • Dr. Catherine âCadyâ Coleman, Introduction
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Barron’s Educational Series
Publish Date 2017-Aug-01
ISBN 9781438010861
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Issue April 2018
Category Children's


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