Harrow Lake

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Daughter of a celebrity director, Lola Nox’s life has been anything but typical. Whisked from movie set to movie set, Lola’s life has been carefully carved out by her overbearing, controlling, movie director father. So, when Lola is sent to live in the town where her father filmed the famous horror movie, her life is turned upside down. A town is frozen in time, Harrow Lake is like living inside a movie set, but the town isn’t just obsessed with the movie; it’s also frozen within its terrifying past. Haunted by the legend of Mr. Jitters, the town will do anything to keep his hunger at bay.

In the fragile world of Harrow Lake, Lola Nox must decipher the difference between urban legends, hidden secrets, and a town trapped within a movie set. While this story is set up to have a thrilling undertone, the battle of a mind’s delicate psyche takes the forefront, delivering a powerful blow about perceived realities, the effects of urban legends. Kat Ellis delivers the perfect atmospheric read, giving readers a town that should neighbor Sleepy Hollow. A psychological tale that will have your mind reeling with every twist and your lungs gasping for air. As Mr. Jitters claws his way to the surface, readers will need to dig their own path to the truth.

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Author Kat Ellis
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Dial Books
Publish Date 2020-Aug-25
ISBN 9781984814531
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Issue January 2021
Category Horror


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