Heart To Beat: A Cardiac Surgeon’s Inspiring Story of Success and Overcoming Adversity -The Heart Way

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After suffering through nine years of the tumultuous and devastating reign of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Dr. Brian Lima’s family fled the land in search of a better life in America. They had lost their farm to the Cuban government early on and had endured harsh conditions and escalating poverty. Despite their misfortune, they were dead set on raising their children the best they could, teaching them to work hard and take nothing for granted. Their moral compass and undying support helped Brian, against the odds, develop into the person he is today: a renowned cardiac surgeon and respected intellect among his colleagues and internationally. Over the years, he has taken on the belief that “we are all the Masters of our own destiny…” and has lived as a reflection of that worldview. Through his story, he shares insights into what enables someone to overcome odds, achieve great success in life, and fulfill their richest dreams. He provides a plethora of ideas for fit living, figuratively and literally, and states that “fulfilling your dreams comes down to going all in and never settling for anything less than your best effort.” He refers to this as “The Heart Way.” He warns of naysayers and detractors who may try to intercede, halting one’s progress towards what may seem an outlandish goal. He encourages his readers, by sharing some of his own stories and analogies, to stop at nothing. He backs the old adage “no pain, no gain” and states that “as we plod along, battle after battle, our endurance builds, our confidence, resilience, and grit accumulate. Trying circumstances become effortlessly manageable, formidable tasks seemingly surmountable. Success becomes habitual.”

Dr. Lima’s story is both compelling and inspiring. He illustrates that nothing is impossible with hard work, dedication, passion, and relentless ambition. He states that “complacency is the enemy” and is a living example of someone who has overcome cards stacked against him. He also candidly shares his own personal failures, including two marriages that didn’t survive the rigors of his lifestyle and mindset. He also includes up-to-date statistics and research citations concerning his field of expertise. Dr. Lima describes in-depth what it was like to witness cardiac surgery for the first time, as well as what it’s like to perform it, knowing time is of vital essence and one wrong move or decision can ultimately result in death. He also discusses the prevalence of heart failure in American society today, what causes it to occur, and what can be done to prevent it. The vocabulary is rich yet understandable, and his tone is surprisingly down-to-earth. His journeys are remarkable and his motivations seemingly pure. The only drawbacks of this enlightening piece of non-fiction relate to structure and extraneous details. The chapters are filled with his own encounters, analogies, words of inspiration, and medical information, all of which are loosely organized and sprinkled with extraneous commentary. With that said, his story is of genuine value and may serve to uplift those who need it most.

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Author Brian Lima
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher Clovercroft
Publish Date 2020-02-20
ISBN 9781950892358
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Issue December 2019
Category Self-Help


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