Hidden Sun: Shadowlands Book I

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Hidden Sun has some good concepts but is thin in its execution. The story is mostly about two people: Rhia, who goes on a journey out of her town, Shen, to locate her brother, and Dej, who must find her place in the world after a bonding accident.

The book struggles to incorporate world-building into its characters’ actions. Instead, long stretches of the book have the characters either traveling or sitting and talking about the world’s concepts, whether it’s religion or family life or other cultural customs. Effective fantasy novels certainly have some sort of hero’s journey to build the world by, but Hidden Sun quickly became tedious, and the characters changed very little. Rhia was curious about the world she was traveling through, but very little happened to her to help her grow and change in a short amount of time.

The most interesting part was Dej’s bonding accident, a custom in which Dej was fused with some sort of ancient soul that would share her body and consciousness. But after she recovered, there wasn’t much more for her to do but exist and try to get stronger.

More needed to happen sooner in Hidden Sun to entice readers to be curious about its universe, and the characters needed to have bolder personalities to make the book interesting.

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Author Jaine Fenn
Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 448 pages
Publisher Angry Robot
Publish Date 2018-Sep-04
ISBN 9780857668011
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Issue February 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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