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How to Write Your Best Story Ever!: Top Tips and Trade Secrets From the Experts


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Kids love stories — hearing them, telling them, and some even enjoy writing them. But a great many kids are afraid to try their hands at writing stories. They don’t know how to find ideas or how to create characters or even how to plot. This fantastic new book is the perfect answer for kids who want to write stories or are assigned to do so in school. It covers everything a person needs to know to create a well-structured tale. Sections cover sparking ideas, creating settings, characters, action, realistic dialogue, word choice, and so much more. It even covers coming up with a good title, one of the most difficult tasks. In addition to all of this fundamental information, there are sections covering how to write in a wide variety of genres including adventure, horror, thriller, historic, funny, sports-related, school-related, fantasy, science fiction, romance, espionage, confessional, and it even describes how to write a script. Every one of these sections is illustrated with fun drawings in bold colors and includes lots of fun graphics. The writing is snappy and crisp and will keep young minds engaged. This might be the best writing book for kids in print.

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Christopher Edge
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128 pages
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Barron’s Educational Series
Publish Date:
January 2017
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128 pages

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Barron’s Educational Series


January 2017

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Christopher Edge

  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    With this essential guide to writing and a little bit of imagination, kids can write their best story ever! It includes chapters on how to write different types of stories, such as science fiction, historical fiction, or mysteries, and it also has tips for things ALL stories need, like good characters and a title.