In a Dark, Dark Wood

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Nora hasn’t been in touch with anyone from her past for ten years. She sticks to writing and seldom leaves her London flat. But the door to her past is flung open by an insistent invitation to her former best friend’s “hen” or bachelorlette party. She hasn’t spoken to Clare in ten years and didn’t know about the wedding. Finally, Nora agrees when mutual friend, Nina, talks her into going. The place is out in the country, surrounded by woods. When Clare finally arrives, she tells Nora the groom is the man Nora had been terribly in love with and who had dumped her all those years ago. Some odd things happen and suddenly Nora feels a bit like she is caught in an Agatha Christie novel. Then death comes calling.

Ruth Ware has written a dark, complex mystery that will bring to mind Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train to those who have read them. The twists and turns are abrupt and many, but like any good mystery, it all comes together in the end. This is a true enigma inside a mystery wrapped in a riddle and not for those faint of heart.