In the Footsteps of Audubon

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French artist Denis Clavreul dedicated more than fifteen years traversing the wild places where nineteenth-century American naturalist John James Audubon found inspiration and meaning in advancing the study of birds and plants. Clavreul documents his travels – from Quebec to Miami – through field sketches and watercolors are accompanied by his reflections on Audubon’s legacy on the fields of ornithology and conservation. Visiting places and people across North America, Clavreul shares a nature lover’s perceptions of attempts to stop environmental degradation and protect forests and waterways.

In the Footsteps of Audubon is a meditative look at past challenges and future opportunities in protecting America’s flora and fauna. Clavreul’s quest to view the natural world through Audubon’s eyes took him to awe-inspiring wildlife refuges, from Bayou Teche in Louisiana to Jamaica Bay in New York. Depictions of everyday people in their trades – oyster fishermen, farmers, conservationists – show Clavreul’s regard for people who work and respect the land.

Throughout his journey, Clavreul created more than two hundred fifty field paintings and drawings without the help of photographs. Exquisite artwork of birds, landscapes, and people makes this book a must-have in hard copy format. It’s a volume that must be savored. Turning each page is a delight for birders and nature enthusiasts alike.

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Author Denis Clavreul
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Princeton University Press
Publish Date 01-Nov-2022
ISBN 9780691237688 Buy this Book
Issue November 2022
Category Science & Nature