Jane Goes North

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Jane’s existence can best be described as haphazard. Her financial outlook is bleak, she has lost her job, her credit cards cling to the edge of maxed out. However, an invite to her younger sister’s wedding offers a glimmer of hope. Jane doesn’t get on well with her kin, especially her younger sister. She is determined to attend the wedding, mainly for spite. However, her car is unreliable, each mile bringing it closer to the wrecking yard. Jane decides to seek out an old school ride share. Enter Henrietta, or Henry. Their meeting for the ride is chaotic, ending with hurled desserts and epithets. Jane is crestfallen until Henry shows up at her house to confirm a lift up north. The stage has been set for a memorable voyage, replete with chauvinistic alpha males, kidnappers, and other sideshows. Jane and Henry retain their determination to reach their destination.

Jane Goes North is a buddy story with a sharp edge. The laughs are timely and well thought out, the plot fast and loose. The individual personalities of Jane and Henry are distinct and heartrending. The reader will find themself drawn to both, no matter what hell is brought down on them. The duo of Jane and Henry exist on a parallel plane of existence with Lansdale’s more famous Hap and Leonard. Another solid effort by the prolific Lansdale.

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Author Joe R. Lansdale
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 232 pages
Publisher Subterranean Press
Publish Date 2020-03-31
ISBN 9781596069381
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Issue April 2020
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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