Koala Hospital (Wildlife Rescue)

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A Koala Hospital is a place, far away in Australia, where people take care of the koalas that are sick, injured or hurt. The hospital is run by a lady doctor named Cheyne, and she makes sure koalas to get better and returned to their life.

Most injured koalas end up at the hospital because of car accidents, or incident with pet dogs. Sometimes they get infections or diseases, and they stay at the hospital as they need to get medicines and feel better. Some koalas end up at the hospital as puppies. The puppies are called joeys, and cannot take care of themselves if they lose their mom. They are marsupials, like kangaroos, which means they go to their mom’s pouches when they are born, and they stay there for 6 months. If joeys have no mom, the hospital gives them to foster care mommies who feed them, take care of them and teach them how to climb. When a koala is healed, the hospital makes sure it readjusts to their life with no humans before letting them go.

Koalas can climb very fast, thanks to their strong claws. But they are overall very slow moving animals, and they sleep a lot. This is because their main food is eucalyptus leaves, and they take a lot of energy to be digested.

I was excited to learn so much about koalas!!!

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Author Suzi Eszterhas
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Owlkids Books
Publish Date 2015-Oct-13
ISBN 9781771471404
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Issue November 2015
Category Children's


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