Loser’s Road

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Loser’s Road by Kalan Chapman Lloyd might fit in the romance genre, but it ultimately is a story about how unconditional love, forgiveness, and redemption from a higher power allow Cash and Maggie, the two main characters, to move forward from their pasts and welcome true love into their lives.

There are several refreshing aspects about Loser’s Road as a romance—one is that the story is told primarily from the point of view of Cash, who is a man. I read a lot of romances, and it is novel to encounter a romance where the man’s perspective leads. Cash Steson is a man who has made a lot of mistakes, including falling in love with two women and marrying the wrong one, taking a job he wasn’t meant to do, and developing a gambling addiction in the past. Oh, and allowing his wife to sell body parts out of the hospital morgue.

Cash’s path to regaining his medical license relies on a six-week stint at a medical mission in Mexico called Rancho del Veras. The report the hospital administration sends back to the court will determine whether or not he can practice again. The head doctor, Maggie Craig, is nursing her own set of wounds and consequences from her past. But, like Cash, her worst judgment and harshest critic comes from within. Maggie is skeptical about how Cash will work in the hospital and if he will succeed.

But the setting of Rancho del Veras, along with the steady guidance from Dr. “Pepper” Wylde, allows both of them to grow and heal. Cash and Maggie have a lot in common: daddy issues, perfectionism, crippling regret from past actions, and a love of practicing medicine and running. Will they allow the pain that they share and a growing belief in each other to heal the other’s wounds?

Another novel piece of the plot in this book is that Cash and Maggie’s connection doesn’t rely solely on sexual chemistry. They are both flawed, believable characters who are attracted to each other, but have respect for what each person has survived and their future potential.

It is also nice to see that family and friends play into Cash and Maggie’s story. It provides great character development and allows the story to focus on more than two people. There are some endearing details about the main characters—Maggie’s love for Architectural Digest and Cash’s love of Westerns—are truly “awwww” moments. The author is thoughtful in her portrayal of the different settings as well, including small-town Oklahoma; Dallas, Texas; and rural Mexico.

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Author Kalan Chapman Lloyd
Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 350 pages
Publisher Rebelle Press
Publish Date 2017-Oct-16
ISBN 9781543033610
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Issue April 2018
Category Popular Fiction


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