My Ideal Boyfriend Is a Croissant

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Bluebell, sometimes known as “BB,” is fat. And not only is she okay with that, but she actually really loves her body just as it is. However, her doctor and her mom are worried about her worsening asthma attacks, and somehow BB finds herself making a bargain with them. She agrees to work on healthier life habits, in the form of a food journal and a gym membership. In return, if BB can also get an apprenticeship sorted for next year, her mom will let her quit school. But a simple food journal suddenly becomes so much more, and BB finds herself talking about life, friends, boys, work drama, and the all-consuming tragedy that suddenly envelops her life. In My Ideal Boyfriend is a Croissant, author Laura Dockrill has created a fantastic character in the funny, confident, and (of course) fat Bluebell. It’s hard not to like BB, and readers will find themselves wanting to hang out with her at Planet Coffee, or to go on picnics with her and Cam, or simply to be friends that talk about everything with no censorship. In addition, BB’s insights on various foods are by turns hilarious, thoughtful, and unsettling. This is a fun novel that touches on some serious topics, but never gets so deep that reading becomes a chore.

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Author Laura Dockrill
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Delacorte Press
Publish Date 2019-07-16
ISBN 9781984849281
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Issue December 2019
Category Young Adult


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