Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

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Chameleon relishes his ability to blend in with the environment. It allows him to get away with his mischievous and cunning ways. Lying amongst the flowers, he changes to a matching pink hue. He lashes out with his long and curly tongue, ripping off half of Gorilla’s savory snack. Next, he transforms into a shade of forest green, an ideal complement with the surrounding leaves. He plucks a feather from a bird with a swift flick of his tail. As he continues his journey, Frog observes from a distance. He decides to teach Chameleon by giving him a bit of his own bad medicine, as he too can disguise himself amongst the foliage. Chameleon quickly learns what it feels like to be on the other side of the joke and concedes as a result.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t is a creative masterpiece. From the sparkly, iridescent letters on its cover to the delicately concealed collages of color and creatures sweeping across its pages, it’s a perfect treasure of delightful appeal. It’s filled with catchy rhymes and child-friendly fond that adds to its discernibility. Young children will love the active participation to which this picture book lends. Additionally, youth who have been ridiculed will be touched by Frog’s salient message to Chameleon. They will find comfort in knowing that it reaches him in the end. Not only is he remorseful for his actions, he decides to be a friend to all.

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Author Patricia Hegarty
Star Count /5
Format Hardcover Picture Book
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Tiger Tales
Publish Date 2020-10-06
ISBN 9781680102109 Buy this Book
Issue November 2020
Category Children's


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