Our Teenage Years: Growing up in a small town in the “80s

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The 1980s, a decade much different than our current one, was different in fashion, music, and social behaviors. For T.J. Wray, the 1980s were a decade of growing up and making memories that should never be forgotten. Born into a bad home life, T.J.’s parents divorced when he was young. He and his sister were taken to live with their father in Texas in an unstable living environment, then an unstable and hazardous family life when their stepmother was introduced into the picture. At the age of thirteen, T.J. left to live with his mother and stepfather in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This living arrangement proved to be unsafe as well, until he started high school and met his soon-to-be best friend, Terry. Eventually, T.J. and Terry hit it off and were inseparable.

Our Teenage Years is full of stories from T.J.’s decade of growing up, including jobs he held, girlfriends he acquired, and every crazy story you can think of involving two teenage boys. Having kids of his own, they have urged him to write down all of his stories so as not to be forgotten. Most of his stories include life-lessons that are beneficial for all readers to hear. Taking his teenage years into account has made T.J. fully understand the impact of living a positive life, and he challenges his readers throughout the book to achieve individual positivism toward different areas of life.

T.J.’s story is that of a true underdog who started out with literally nothing and through sheer positive work ethic and attitude was able to change his life. Starting with his first job as a paperboy, he continued to show each of his bosses that he had what it took to do the job and complete it correctly. Hearing of T.J. as a teenager, I would say he was the complete package of the perfect son-in-law for a couple’s daughter – hard-working, church-going, didn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs, just an overall good ki who enjoyed the pastimes of fishing, shooting guns, working on automobiles, and hanging out with friends, even if the pastimes weren’t done completely legally; but hey, it was the ‘80s, a different time for sure. The way T.J. writes is very personable and easy for readers of any age to relate to. Our Teenage Years is the first book in the My Life series, to be followed by his next one, The ‘90’s: Life on the Road. I would highly recommend both for a light-hearted and pleasant read.

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Author T. J. Wray
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 155 pages
Publisher T.J. Wray
Publish Date 2018-11-28
ISBN 9.78173E+12
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Issue April 2019
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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