Owl Sees Owl


I love owls so I was excited to have the opportunity to review Owl Sees Owl by Laura Godwin and Rob Dunlavey. Immediately I was drawn to the cover, with a baby owl framed by a big, bright full moon. Because of the topic and cover illustration, I had high expectations for an excellent read; the book did not disappoint.

This is a simple story about a baby owl that leaves his mother, brother and sister asleep in their nest as he goes on his first adventure into the deep blue night of the forest. As he journeys through the night, the bird’s-eye perspective offers glimpses of a beautiful autumn night full of vibrant leaves, glowing stars and scampering mice – all adding variety to dark pages that seem to make the illustrations pop. The nighttime scenes throughout the book are brilliant and serene.

The text is written as a four-pattern reverse poem (a poem with two halves where the words reverse in the middle) and includes basic concepts and larger print. Each turn of the page provides the reader with just four words, each on a separate line; some of the words describe the scene and some express the actions of the baby owl.

The simple text and watercolor illustrations create a beautiful and striking book for young children that would be a great bedtime story.

Laura Godwin, Rob Dunlavey (Illustrator)
Page Count:
40 pages
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Schwartz & Wade Books
Publish Date:

January 2017
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Page Count

40 pages

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January 2017


Schwartz & Wade Books

Book Author

Laura Godwin, Rob Dunlavey (Illustrator)

“Owl Sees Owl”

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