Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z

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Real Life: Construction Management Guide From A- is exactly what it says it is: a plain-language “how to” guide on successful construction management. This text is geared towards those looking for a deeper understanding of the profession, something more than mere theories and concepts. Indeed, the author focuses on what he terms “the undisclosed factors” that go into managing construction projects. These factors are the personalities of all the individuals involved in the project, those individuals’ motivations, and the interpersonal relationships that must be built to ensure the construction project is brought to a successful completion. The book begins in the pre-construction phase and moves through the entire construction process to final demobilization. For each stage, the author explains the terminology, the general steps taken during that phase, the actors involved, and “best practices.” Where concepts may be challenging, the author provides visual guidance via charts and graphs, lending the book accessible to both visual and traditional learners. Moreover, each chapter distinguishes between those construction projects that are paid for by private developers and those paid for by the public, giving the reader a more fulsome understanding and appreciation for the nuances that must be considered while managing a project. The last few chapters of the book examine concepts that are applicable to the entire duration of the construction project. For example, a critical chapter explains “construction claims” and the various methods of resolving these claims. The concepts explored in these final chapters, however, have been discussed throughout the book, allowing the author to use the closing chapters to reinforce and cement concepts integral to construction management.

The theme that is central to the entire book, however, is the effect of those “undisclosed factors” mentioned above on a project. Many of the author’s personal experiences conveyed throughout the book demonstrate that these factors can make or break a project. As the author aptly states, “Managing a construction project requires a skill in managing personalities and characters of the involved parties in addition [to] the required technical knowledge.” And, this book provides readers with that very skill. Indeed, not only does the book explain how to get out of sticky situations, it explains why these sticky situations may happen – and the motivations behind the different actors’ conduct. By knowing the motivations behind the actors’ conduct, the book allows the reader to gauge best practices for him or herself and provides the reader with the toolkit to do so.

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Author Jamil Soucar
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 190 pages
Publisher Dorrance Publishing Co
Publish Date 2017-Oct-01
ISBN 0978148094139
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Issue January 2019
Category Home & Garden


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