Religion: A Discovery in Comics

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This short comic book is a personal look at the author’s explorations through various religions. Readers will be exposed to a (very) brief history and explanation of the five major world religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The author is very open, being careful to explain that this is her personal experience, which, as she reminds readers, is the only possible experience we can have (our own). Refreshing in her honesty and openness, the author shares her religious roots (both parents are Christian ministers) and her journey exploring the different religions after questioning her family’s faith. For a time she embraced Buddhism, but now she calls herself agnostic; she advocates searching, questioning, and becoming aware of what you believe and why, and even embracing aspects of many different faiths. The author is perfectly aware she is walking on eggshells (she even illustrates this, humorously) but tries to be open about her biases while presenting a balanced assessment.

The colorful, comic illustrations are respectful and will appeal to all ages; this book would be especially good for parents to use in introducing younger readers to the controversies and contrasts in different religions.

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Author Margreet de Heer
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 120 pages
Publisher NBM Publishing
Publish Date 2015-Oct-01
ISBN 9781561639946
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Issue December 2015
Category Sequential Art


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