Run Wild

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Things start out simply enough for Ava and Flynn as they set out to find their mother, but circumstances are soon complicated when they meet Beatrice, a giant talking fox. Humanity, the fox explains, has fallen victim to a terrible failed experiment, making everyone slowly turn into a wild animal—some more dangerous than others. Ava and Flynn are the last two humans on Earth, and with the help of some wild animals, they must make the perilous trek to find the mysterious scientist Papa if they are to save humanity’s soul.

This graphic novel by K.I. Zachopoulos and Vincenzo Balzano is a magnificent, dream-like fairy tale of human ruin, survival, and sacrifice. The watercolor-like illustrations are both clear in terms of their connection to the story and imaginative as renderings of a post-apocalyptic world unlike any I’ve ever seen. The way the human-animal hybrids are depicted is especially notable, and the careful use of color builds the emotional weight of the story. The book’s captivating premise and sparse text raise many compelling questions for the reader. While the illustrations are perhaps too dark for young readers, graphic-novel devotees will find much to enjoy within this enchanting and memorable tale.

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Author K.I. Zachopoulos • Vincenzo Balzano, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Archaia
Publish Date 2018-Jul-17
ISBN 9781684150243
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Issue September 2018
Category Sequential Art


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